For Your Writing Playlist

This is a great world-building song.  It fills you with peace, awe…and a sense of magic!  Take a deep breath and let the creative imagination FLOWWW!

Krale is a great artist, definitely check out more of his stuff if you get the chance!

To anyone who’s interested, my fantasy novel, Elithius, is only $0.99…but for a limited time only!  Check it out here.

9 thoughts on “For Your Writing Playlist”

  1. I need more of this, really. I need a little background noise whenever I’m writing or studying, but there’s only so many times I can listen to the Spice & Wolf soundtracks on repeat. And believe me, I’ve listened to it many times!

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  2. That’s a great one! It definitely brings out the wonder for a new world; it’s a little melancholy at first, as though one is lost and alone in a new world, then it ramps out and bring the whole “running with the wild!” feeling. 😀

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    1. Once again, good description! I agree. It definitely starts slow but then builds up intensity as it goes on. Most contemporary instrumental/vocals follow this pattern, from what I can tell…

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      1. Thanks! To tell you the truth, I usually can’t tell what genre a song goes into (aside from the obvious like orchestra, rock and rap 😅) since I’m more into video game soundtracks, though from your description, contemporary instrumental/vocal songs can be used as opening soundtracks for a video game. 😀

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