To All New Bloggers Out There…

So I’ve been noticing that, now more than ever, there is an influx of new bloggers.  What’s more, many of my most recent followers seem to be bloggers that are just starting their journey here on WordPress.

To all of you, welcome!!!

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A lot of you seem to be very attracted to my more educational posts, like “The Reason Why People ‘Like’ But They Don’t Comment”.  So I thought I’d write another “educational post”, particularly geared towards you new bloggers.

The First Thing You Want to Do…


Identity yourself to yourself.  What does that mean?  It means that, as you start writing, as you start reaching out, networking, meeting other bloggers, targeting specific audiences, you need to know first and foremost WHO YOU ARE as a blogger.  You can only reach the audience you want once you decide what kind of blog you are going to run.

So identify yourself to yourself.  What do you think you’ll write about?  Do you review books or movies?  Write about sports?  Cooking?  Are you trying to promote a book or a business?

You need to figure this out.

The truth is, it’s obnoxious as a reader to visit a blog about book reviews, only to find they decided to go off on a cooking tangent.  Centralizing what you write about is important to maintaining and developing a community around yourself.

However, if you’re the kind of person who likes to blog about anything and everything, disregard this completely! 😀 😀 😀

Next: Identify Your Audience

Sig and Armstrong

I cannot stress this enough: once you discover and surround yourself with like-minded bloggers, blogging becomes so much more FUN!

The number one word that captures the essence of blogging is COMMUNITY.  And to build and enter the community that you want, you have to find the right people.

So identify your target audience.

A while back, I wanted to target an audience of anime-watchers.  Why?  I’m writing a book that is very anime-esque (among other things).  So I tried to write about anime, to reach out to other people that liked anime…but it just wasn’t working.  Why?  Because I don’t watch enough anime to connect with other people.

Although I thought anime fans were my target audience, it took me a while to understand that I was wrong.

So I took a different approach: I started targeting fellow writers.  And let me tell you, that made a big difference!!  I discovered my community in them, aspiring and self-published authors like me.  And suddenly, my blogging world truly became alive.

Identifying your audience is important, especially if you’re trying to promote something.  But, in the end, it’s even more important for the sake of creating a community…which, once again, is what blogging is all about!

Stick With It

tired squidward

We all struggle with this from time to time.  We lack motivation because life gets busy, our blogging efforts seem fruitless, or other bloggers seem to be doing so much better.  Believe me, I get it.  I’ve been blogging for three years and I only have 420 followers.  To some of you, that might seem like a lot, but it’s not.

The goal is to keep at it.  Fight through the dull moments.  Keep on writing.

Believe me, if you stop writing, you’ll accomplish nothing.  I know that seems like an obvious statement, but it couldn’t be more true.  If you stop writing, you’ll accomplish nothing.

So you must continue to write.

I hope these tips were helpful!  As always, Let me know what you think!

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33 thoughts on “To All New Bloggers Out There…”

  1. This was a good post, Dominic. I’ve decided that, at the turn of the year (Giving myself time to settle, having moved), I’m going to switch to a premium plan and break my blog into subject pages (Can this be done with the free package), as I’m one of those to write about everything!

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    1. Breaking your blog into subject pages sounds like a very good idea. And yes, this can definitely be done with the free package. What counts is the theme your using for your blog. Some themes allow for better visibility of the individual subject pages…others do not. So determining the best theme to use may be an issue of importance for you.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes, but you also need to make sure that they appear on your website in the sidebar. So when you’re choosing what goes into your sidebar (or whatever it may be), make sure you choose the page you want to add. For other themes, the sidebar might be called a “Menu”, so you’d have to add the desired page to the Menu in order for it to be publicly visible. Hope this helps!


  2. Great post! I did notice there are lots of blogs that started this year (mine included 😛), maybe there was an invisible global broadcast that said, “Blog! Blooooog!!” 😆

    A few years ago I started a couple of blogs that didn’t last because I didn’t think blogging was about the community and I, well, got demotivated. 😅

    When I started my current one, at first I thought I wanted to reach out to highly sensitive introverts like myself, but it turns out I’m just too interested in generally everything to stick to that one topic! So despite the name of my blog, I haven’t been writing much about highly sensitive people and introverts, but I got to meet a lot of wonderful people like you. 😀

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    1. Aw well that’s a great story! Tough beginning, but happy end! I’m glad you’ve found your niche, your community definitely seems to be thriving. It helps that you are such an active part of other people’s communities. Might I say that, based upon how virtually social you are, you don’t seem like a highly sensitive introvert? 🙂

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      1. Thanks for the nice words! Maybe virtually I don’t show as a highly sensitive introvert so much; I’m mostly sensitive to external stimuli (smells, sounds, lights, etc) and not so much on the heart (unless there’s a touching scene to be found 😅), which I could control in my own home. Also I’m more of an outgoing introvert than a usual one, so I get mistaken as an extrovert; it takes energy for me to interact like a true introvert, but less so online and the wonderful bloggers make it more rewarding and less draining. 😀

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      2. Yep! Actually that’s the difference between introverts and extroverts; whether they’re drained or energised by socialising with others. I could be the most sociable person in the world and still be very tired after a social event; that’s why I make sure to have free time before and after a party to unwind. I get very grumpy if I, say, go a whole week being busy and sociable without much time to unwind. 😅

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  3. Everything’s on point on this post! I’ve started blogging out of my passion in photography, writing & travelling. I hope i will gain more motivation to still do what i love despite all the hang ups that blogging brings.

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    1. Well I wish you the best of luck! I’m glad to see you used the word “passion”, because that means everything when it comes to blogging.


  4. Wow I used to have a blog back in high school which did fairly decent but once school started I found I couldn’t keep up with it. My biggest regret is deleting that blog because I had a lot written. I guess my target audience is people who like to read others journals? I don’t know I’m still trying to figure it all out. Great post!

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  5. Great advice, Dominic. I also like to believe, if blogging is important enough (actually, that goes for all in life), you make time.
    Kind regards from a neighbor on our globe. XxX

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  6. Just uploded a new blog leaking one of my pics from latest photoshoot just go and check it out you would probably like it….DON’T FORGET TO FOLLOW..!!

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  7. Nice post, good tips! I just started my blog like last week! I think it’s really fun, but I think I’m too different and my blog might turn out more like a tumblr type blog. But I want to stay here 🙂 I usually tend to think and write about random thoughts and rants, I think that’s where this blog is going, but do you think anybody will read them? It’s kindof hard to explain my posts without you reading them, but It’s not super in depth or deep or inspirational. It’s just random. Does that have a place here?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh believe me, there’s plenty in store here for you! I wouldn’t worry. Just keep on writing. If it helps, try finding other bloggers who write about the same thing. Also, you’d be surprised with how much YOUR writing style or content might change over time. So you never know. Stick with it though, and welcome to the blogosphere!

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