Tomorrow’s the big day.  The day when I publish the second book of my series, Elithius.  I know that recently I’ve done a pretty poor job of advertising my series, because life has been very crazy.  That’s on me.

Either way, I hope at least some of you are excited about this!

Tomorrow only, both books in Elithius will be $0.99.  After that, I’m gonna bump them up to $2.99.

Don’t miss out!!!

By the way, thanks to everyone who expressed concern after my last post.  Your support means a lot…you have no idea!

So, since I’m publishing my second book tomorrow, you should know what it’s about!  Here’s an overview 🙂

Front Cover Elithius 2

Name: Elithius, Book Two: The Darkness Within

Genre: Fantasy/Dark/Supernatural/Romance/Anime

Length: 385 pages


John Hedekira and his friends must venture into the Gray Lands in order to rescue John’s sister, Cassie.  Upon entering the Gray Lands, they make new friends…and new enemies.  Before they know it, they are thrown into the middle of a raging war, in which loyalties and friendships will be tested, darker and more heinous powers will challenge them…and souls will be ripped apart.

The adventures of John and his friends have only begun.

Hope you guys are excited, and thank you for your continued support!  You can find my first book here if you’re interested!



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