1000 Words a Day


That’s how many I try to do.  It isn’t always easy…but then, when you think about it, it’s not that hard either.

1000 words a day.  How many can you do?

We all get busy.  Life is honestly crazy, and sometimes we can’t even get a grip.  I’m currently an Engineering major at a prominent university.  How do I manage to write 1000 words when it isn’t related to my busy major at all?  I’ve developed a routine.  I have a system.  And it works.

The best way to become a writer is to write.  And to become a better writer you need to write more.

When do you write?  Do you have a system?  As always, I’d love to know What do you think?

12 thoughts on “1000 Words a Day”

  1. How very disciplined you must be, especially with such demanding coursework and college life at your fingertips! Before kids, I aimed to do 1667 words 5 days a week. Now I write my stories in my head and hope that one day they make it onto paper. Though, from another standpoint, thinking so long on what to write helps give me time to edit and consider the words I wish to use and the scenes I want to describe.

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    1. “Before kids…now”-sounds like you’ve got your priorities straight! I understand that you hope to one day put your ideas on paper. You’re preaching to the choir. But life is also full of its own stories, don’t forget!

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  2. When I’m on a roll I can do 5k a day but lately I’m struggling to get 3k a week. I gave myself strict writing days (Tues & Thurs mornings) where I must write. Well, it’s wednesday now and I’ve missed Tues and not likely to see tomorrow either. That’s the problem with full time work. It gets in the way.

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    1. 5k a day?? That’s crazy!!! I mean like crazy-impressive! I think your determination to write through a full-time job says a lot about you already. I can sense your frustration, but relapses in your writing life happen. Just do better next week.

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    2. There have been a few times I have managed to write 4000 words a day, but only when I am extremely motivated and have a good story going. 4K is what I want my eventual output to be, but I’m working up to it

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  3. 1000 words a day is the next step I want to hit. I’m just now breaking a really long string of bad habits such as quitting just while my story is starting to grow, so I set myself a 500-word goal to start. The eventual goal is an Asimovian 4K a day!


    1. I give you credit for recognizing where you need to improve! Yeah, just keep at it. Once you get over the hump, you’ll get into a groove, and things will be smoother from there. Cheers!

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