Trying to Write Every Day

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Trying to write every day because that’s what good writers do.  Well, how’s that going for ya?

This shouldn’t be hard.  It really ought not to be.  Was that grammatically correct?  You tell me.

But anyway.  I’m determined not to produce crap, but somehow that means I don’t produce anything at all.  I tell myself I don’t have enough time to create something beautiful so I just don’t create.  Which is a better use of my time?  Thinking about how I don’t have enough time to create something worthwhile, or actually just writing something, even though it’s worthless?

How many times have you face-palmed today?  Not enough, in my opinion.  Your forehead isn’t red enough yet.

Well, where did it all go wrong?  When did you start running out of time?  If you can’t tell whether I’m talking to you–the reader–or myself, join the club.  ‘Cause frankly, I don’t know either.

Social media.  Holy gosh it’s a waste of time and a trap for anyone who wants to be intelligent at some point in their lives.  I tell myself I should be on social media because I think I’m smart and I should share my smartness with the world.  I feel a whole lot stupider as a result of this decision.

“Learn something new today”–Psshaww!  How bout you just apply something that you’ve already learned a bajillion times?  The only new thing you need to learn is how to apply the old things you learned.  Practical thinkers, apparently, are the ones who go farthest in life.  The problem is that being practical isn’t always very practical when you’re trying to go beyond practical.

When was the last time you felt bliss?  Just pure, uninterrupted bliss?  You don’t know?  It feels like every time I get close I start worrying about how it’ll all sound on paper.  I need to put it on paper because I’m practical and I’m a writer.  Then the blissful moment is gone.

And we’re back at square one.

tired squidward

Finding time to write…well, I just did.  And, if you read all that, I bet you’re wondering, like me, if it was all a complete waste of time.

But hey, I did it, right?

4 thoughts on “Trying to Write Every Day”

  1. Dominic, I feel your pain. Or at least I did until recently. I write every day, now. I didn’t use to, and I used all of the excuses you mentioned and a few more besides.

    So what happened?

    I told myself, “Self, you can’t keep using those tired out excuses. I don’t care if you only write one sentence a day. Just write something! AND it doesn’t even have to be good.”

    So, I wrote. Some days it was only two words, you know… subject, verb, period. Jesus wept. Mary wept. I wept. But that got old. Slowly, the sentences got longer and then they started to multiply. Today I wrote just over 600 words and edited them to 530. (Pssst, editing is where you take the swill and make it better). I am not done writing for the day, not yet.

    Cut yourself some slack, give yourself permission to write garbage and see what happens. Who knows? You might like it.

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    1. Wow! Alrighty then. I love your simplicity and honesty. Yes indeed, here’s for garbage, for perseverance, and the world’s ending!


  2. I would say you shouldn’t try to force it! The thoughts will come naturally. The genius will ooze out of your head when you’re least expecting it.

    Also – social media can be an incredibly valuable property if you use it properly!

    Sending some creative vibes your direction.

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