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Why We Love Anime #1


Showing you just how awesome anime is…with epic pictures!

I’m not usually going to comment whenever I post a “Why We Love Anime”, but this picture deserves some attention.

First of all, I love this image. ¬† It beautifully depicts what love looks like. ¬†You can see how both Emiya (the boy) and Saber (the girl) are giving of themselves to each other. ¬†Emiya is obviously giving himself entirely to Saber; he doesn’t even have the strength to stand. ¬†His lifeless body is falling into her. ¬†And she’s receiving him. ¬†Both of them are covered in Emiya’s blood, embracing each other through the blood. ¬†Love exists even through the pain. ¬†That’s exactly how love between a man and a woman should like.

And look at the scenery around them. ¬†What’s flying around in the sky? Crows. ¬†Maybe vultures. ¬†Either way, both of those birds are symbols for evil and death. ¬†But look at Saber’s face. ¬†Even though they are seemingly surrounded by evil, the sky dark and the world decaying around them, they are both at peace. ¬†Because they’re¬†holding each other, and real love exists between them.

I don’t know who drew this, but I tip my hat to you!

This is just another reason as to Why We Love Anime!