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The Giver of Wisdom

the image is not mine
the image is not mine

So I’ve got something to tell all you.  I know I shouldn’t be entirely proud of it, but it’s given me an idea for some good advice to pass on.

Almost every wicked-awesome idea I think of for The Golden Lands come to me when I’m praying.

Note that I don’t say “through prayer”, as in “I pray for cool ideas and then God gives them to me”.  Nope.  I get distracted during prayer, and that’s when I get the ideas.


Now don’t get me wrong.  I’m sure that, even if I’m getting distracted at Mass (the service Catholics hold on Sunday), the inspiration may very well come from God.  God is good like that.  And I’m sure He wants to help me to become a better writer, and to create awesome stories.  And who better to help me than the Creator of Wisdom?  He’s the smartest person there is.  And He’s the greatest author there is.  Do you have any idea how complex and yet perfectly “plotted” the Bible is, all leading up to Jesus in the Gospels?  Over the course of thousands of years?  Every single prophecy fulfilled?  It’s ridiculous!

I cannot lie when I say that The Golden Lands is heavily inspired by and produced for God.  God finds His way into it, even when I’m not expecting it.  Even when I should be paying attention at Mass, or during prayers with the family.  But all goodness is from Him.  So if I get a totally awesome idea for the series, I’d better believe it’s from Him.

God’s the greatest author ever.  Ever think about talking to Him?  Ask for His help.  In my trilogy, The Saga of Montairyus (https://montairyus23.wordpress.com/), I have noticed a prominent difference in how gripping and beautiful my writing is, compared between the times I prayed before I started writing, and those times when I didn’t.

Pray before you write.  You’ll be surprised at the wonders He works.

the image is not mine
the image is not mine

Your AA,


So…When is the First Volume Coming Out?

I know I keep on saying that the first volume of The Golden Lands (TGL) is going to be self-published very soon.  But, as of yet, I still haven’t released it yet.

What’s the hold up?

Well, first of all, when I say “very soon”, that could mean within the next couple months.  I recall saying in a different post that I’d be publishing within the next two weeks.  And it’s been more than two weeks.  I apologize for not keeping my word.

However, some things need to be done before I feel comfortable releasing volume one.

The first most important thing that I want to accomplish with the first volume is getting some good proofreading.  I’ve already proofread it twice, but I’m having my awesome mom go over it just to make sure I haven’t made any silly grammatical errors.

The next thing I want to do is find out how to copyright my work properly.  I know that no matter what, The Golden Lands is mine by virtue of the fact that I wrote it, but I want to copyright it professionally and securely…just in case.

Then there’s the matter of finding a self-publishing website I like.  As of now, Smashwords is my #1.  They let you self-publish for free, although they get 40% of your royalties.

And last of all, I need another illustration done, just to make TGL look awesome and official.

So, in theory, TGL WILL be released very soon.  Just not as soon as I thought.  But that’s a big part of writing; sometimes you need to take time to do what needs to be done.

And introducing the new, “photoshop corrected” cover for volume one (hair color is better and so is blood-graphics):

© Copyright 2015 all rights reserved
© Copyright 2015 all rights reserved

Your AA,


The Light

My Friday thoughts bellow:

Maybe we would argue that we’re living for our husbands or wives.  Maybe our mom or dad, or a grandparent.  Maybe it’s a little brother or sister.  Maybe it’s our children.  Or a friend.  Who do you live for?

Whether we like it or not, it’s hard not to live for ourselves.  Selfishness is an unfortunate characteristic that tends to permeate the human race.  We all act selfish sometimes.  Maybe we think that’s okay; sometimes we need a little “me” time.  But then, that’s not necessarily selfishness.

Are we called to live selflessly?  Or are we called just to make ourselves feel happy, and we can help others whenever we feel like it, or when we feel that it’s right to?

Is life meant to be lived based off of our feelings, or principles?

Who do you live for?

The answer might be able to be found by answering “who” you live for, but maybe you should ask “why?”.  Why are you alive?  Why are you here?  Have you ever wondered that?   Do you honestly think you exist just because you exist?  Or do we all have a purpose?  Are we all meant to behave in a certain way?

I’m a deeply religious person.  All these questions have answers for me.  I may not always understand the answers, but they’re there.  I have a light.  My light is God, and the lantern that bears this light is the Church.

If you’re in the dark when it comes to these questions, maybe you should join the light, and be a part of the lantern.

Who do you live for?  Do you love for you?  And if you give of yourself to others, what part?  How much?

I believe—no, I know—that we are all alive in order to become a gift to another person.  Or a gift to many people.  We are alive, we are “why”, in order to live and die for each other.  The world’s about love.  I think everyone knows that.  I think most religions preach that.  You don’t have to be a Christian to believe that.

What’s love?

Doing what’s best for each other.  Putting the good of others first.  Giving.  Living.  Dying.  Fighting.  And most importantly, sacrificing.

Do you agree with that definition?  Good, then you agree with me when I say that love isn’t all about feeling.

Why love?  Take the words of my man SJP2: “The only kind of treatment that human beings deserve is love”

That’s right.  All humans deserve love.  And that’s the only thing they deserve.  Why?  Just ’cause they’re human and they can be loved.

image is not mine
image is not mine

Your AA,


All Art is Theft

Really?  That seems to be a pretty bold statement.

the image is not mine
the image is not mine

These words, “all art is theft”, are frequently used by my dad.  I don’t know if he got the phrase from someone.  He isn’t sure if he did.  But anyway, what’s the occasion for such a phrase?  Whenever my sister and I feel like an idea or event in one of our stories sounds too similar to somebody else’s.  You might just be thinking, “Well, your dad is probably just saying that to make you feel better.”  Maybe.  That could be a part of why he says it.  But I think that’s only a very small part of it.

The phrase “all art is theft” is definitely not untrue (yes, that’s a double negative for emphasis).  Most generally speaking, we all get our ideas from somewhere.  We are always inspired by something, and these things fuel our imagination, and our imagination fuels our will, and from our will we produce our writing.  “An obvious statement, but no less true because of it” to quote Glaedr from Christopher Paolini’s Inheritance Cycle.  So, in a sense, all art is theft…or “borrowing”, if you like that term better.  I can’t try to describe a forest without first seeing one for myself, and thereafter, from the forest’s own beauty, depict a forest entirely of my creation with it’s own kind of beauty, separate from that which it was inspired, but still inspired by the original forest all the same (#mouthful#wordy).

How many times have you based the appearance of a character off of someone in your life, or a movie actor/actress?  How many times has a specific, epic fight scene in your own story contained choreography that resembles that of a movie you recently watched?

Something else my dad has said about all art being theft is that, as time progresses, it will become harder to create new story ideas that haven’t already been thought of.  Think about it.  Two thousand years from now, two thousand years’ worth of story ideas will have been taken, and add that to the millions of years that have already passed….it will get harder to think up truly original ideas.

So what’s the good news?  It’s okay for all art to be theft.

Sometimes the most impressive stories are that which combine the ideas of others into something even better.  That’s what we can do now as writers of the 21st century.  Using the ideas of someone else, tweaking them a bit, and applying them to your own work, isn’t even necessarily stealing.  It’s a talent to be able to recognize the good and beauty in the work of others and being able to see it’s potential in regards to applying it to your work.

Now don’t get me wrong.  Be original, if you can be.  But if you happen to realize that your ideas resemble that of someone else, don’t get too discouraged.  Make it your own.  But be content with sharing.  And maybe that’s what we should call this; not stealing, not copying, not using: sharing.

Your AA,


Quality, Not Quantity

Sooo over at my first blog, http://montairyus23.wordpress.com/, the goal was to get as many followers as I could.  I’ll be honest, I wanted followers just for the sake of being able to say to a publisher, “Hey!  Look at how many people are interested in my book!”  However, when it really came down to it, when I would blog about my trilogy (TSOM), not too many people seemed interested.  I had/have over two hundred followers, and a post about my trilogy would only generate a few likes, and rarely a new follower or a comment.  I wasn’t sure what I was doing wrong…and I’m still not 🙂

But experiencing this has made me realize something; when it comes to blogging, it’s quality, not quantity that matters.  If you want to get a book out there, if you want to be and feel heard, just remember it’s all about the quality.  You can have 2,000 followers, but if only fifteen are interested in what you’re writing about, then you really only have fifteen true followers.

I must say, I truly feel blessed to have such an engaged audience already here at The Golden Lands.  You guys are totally awesome and it’s your support that keeps me going and gives me hope.  This is what every writer needs, whether he knows it or not.  And it’s what every writer wants, whether he wants it or not.

Copyright 2015 All rights reserved
Copyright 2015 All rights reserved

Stay awesome,


More Than Just “The Golden Lands” on this Blog!

Just wanted to let you all know that, from time to time, I’m just going to write about whatever crosses my mind.  That could be some beef I have with our culture, tips and experiences about writing, religious stuff, etc.  I think it’s only right that I tell you, because I’m aware that recently I’ve only been blogging about my fantasy novella series.  And that’s because it’s going to be coming out very soon, most likely as an ebook.  But I just don’t want it to be a surprise when I throw an insightful post about a contemporary issue at you.

So stay tuned!  Lots of exciting, thought-provoking stuff on the way!

Your AA,


The Name

The Genre

The Dream

The Reason

The Cover

You now know (or are at least able to know) all these things about my series of novellas.  Now I’m going to tell you the name of the series.

Wait…what?  Isn’t “The Golden Lands” the name of the series?

Well, technically it is.  I’m going to give you the name of the first volume, in anticipation of its release, which I estimate to be within the next two weeks.  So here’s the name:

The Golden Lands, Volume 1: Shadows in the Sunlight

What do ya think?  Obviously, it’s hard to tell whether or not a book is named correctly unless we know what happens in it.  But, like all great titles, it should cause you to ask certain questions.  The most important thing, however, that I want you to ask, or at least be curious about, is “Why ‘Shadows in the Sunlight’?  It doesn’t make sense.”


The title of volume one immediately says something very profound: something is happening that shouldn’t.  Not in the moral sense.  I mean in the natural sense.  It just shouldn’t happen.  There’s something fundamentally and naturally wrong going on.  Of course, we only have shadows because of sunlight.  But even still, where there is only sunlight, there is no reason for shadows to be present.  So why are they there?

What—or who—is in the Golden Lands, such that its very presence there is fundamentally wrong, like a shadow existing in the sunlight?

Get excited to find out.  Self-publishing is happening very soon!

Copyright 2015 All rights reserved
Copyright 2015 All rights reserved

Note: you’re probably going to be seeing this picture a lot 🙂

Your AA,


The Cover

The Genre.

The Dream.

The Reason.

You now know all of these things concerning The Golden Lands.  You know the unique genre I’m writing the story in, the dream for the story, and the reason why.

Now I’m going to show you the cover.

*Cue epic music*


….The fantastic…

…Most epic…




…Now I know what you’re thinking:

the image is not mine
the image is not mine

I can’t say you’d be wrong 😉  But I was just kidding.  Ladies and gentlemen, here’s the cover for the first volume of The Golden Lands!

Copyright 2015 All rights reserved
Copyright 2015 All rights reserved

This picture was drawn by my younger sister Clare (who happens to run a blog with her friend over at https://lilyorphaned.wordpress.com/ [you should check it out!]).  This masterpiece has literally succeeded all I could have hoped for in regards to getting an awesome cover.  Being no artist myself, and not having enough money to pay an illustrator, my sister came through just in time.  And I’m totally satisfied with what she’s created.  The picture is a scene taken from the first chapter of volume one of the series, and I think you can guess what’s happening.  I hope you’re starting to get the “animeish” feel to the series.  What’s more, the cover is a perfect reflection of so many emotions and themes intertwined throughout the series; the darkness of the series, the violence, the emotion, the struggle of the characters, and the strength of the antagonists.

Things are starting to come together now.  I’ve almost finished editing the first volume AGAIN and, already having my cover, I’ll be ready to self-publish very soon.

Start getting exciting, because the ride is about to start!

Your AA,


The Reason

So far, you’ve learned about the genre and the dream of The Golden Lands.

Now I’m going to explain the reason why I’m writing The Golden Lands:


(the image is not mine)

Just kidding!  Although I can’t say that I’d say no to fame and fortune (and I probably wouldn’t be the best at domination the world), those aren’t the reasons why I’m writing TGL.

The Golden Lands is, first of all, extremely fun to write.  It’s very fast paced, which means it’s always exciting for me to write and present to others, and the main character is based off of yours truly, and the second main character is based off of a friend.  So now I get to write about myself doing things I could only imagine doing, in the hope that I’ll someday be able to live up to my character’s example.  This is a big part of why I’m writing TGL: I’ve done it to create a “better me” so that I can try to live up to my “better me”.

It’s actually pretty interesting; fusing my character, aspirations, likes and dislikes, what I know or don’t know about myself, into this person who grows into a better person than I am.  It enables me to learn more about myself, and what I’m truly like.  I think most writers would agree that their writing is a reflection of who they are; combine that with a character that is supposed to be you yourself, and the puzzle of who you are starts to come together.

Sheesh, that paragraph was confusing…

Let’s not forget another significant reason why I write TGL.  I am doing this for God.  I believe that my writing can be pleasing to Him, and I believe that I can help others to follow in His ways.  Mind you, The Golden Lands could not be categorized as Christian, but it does have themes of Christian morality.  And I think most people appreciate and take the most away from Christian morals.  If you’re not a Christian, maybe you disagree, and I can understand why.  But, for example, out of all the Avengers, I think most people would agree that Captain America possesses the most impressive moral values.  Which Avengers’ values reflect Christian values the most?  Captain America’s.

Just a friendly example 🙂

But anyway, God is one of the most important, if not the most important reason why I am writing.  Although The Golden Lands aren’t Christian fiction, the characters still possess that impressive sense of morality, based off of Christian values.

So now you know the reason.  Stay tuned for the next post when I show off the cover of TGL!!!

Your AA,