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Three Goals for The Golden Lands

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So I saw that the WordPress.com Team was offering some free courses about how to become a better blogger.  The course “Branding and Growth” seemed like it could offer some valuable info, especially for a little self-publisher like me!

So Day 1 was about setting three goals for your blog.  Namely, ask yourself “Why do I blog?” and “What would my dream blog look like?”

For me, I blog because I like writing; because I want to connect with other writers, especially writers that enjoy anime; and yes, because I’d like to gain popularity for my book series.  What would my dream blog look like?  Oh, it’d be one of those blogs that has a couple thousand followers, with readers that are seriously engaged with whatever I write.  I’d like to be a steadfast blogger, posting several times a week.  And of course, if all of my followers were die-hard fans of The Golden Lands…That would be great too 😀

So, what are some goals I can set in order to achieve these (rather lofty) blogging dreams?

  1. I’d like to have 300 followers by the end of summer.  That seams reasonable enough, seeing how I have about 240.  Maybe that seems like a silly goal, but it’s something to work for, and it will definitely require work.
  2. I’d like to average ten “Likes” every post.  I don’t know if I’m quite there yet.  In my experience, gaining a desired number of “Likes” has to do with a) the content, of course.  People need to actually like what you wrote in order to “Like” it (or that’s how things should work). And b) timing is everything!  There are some hours of the day when it seems like my articles are just forgotten.  I’d like to blog smarter, not harder 😉
  3.  I’d like to establish a more vibrant community by reaching out and establishing firm, virtual relationships with other anime/otaku bloggers.  It’s the least I can do: contributing to other peoples’ blogs is just as important as building up my own!

Well, there you have it.  I hope I can reach my three goals.  If you like this idea of “Branding and Growth”, I’d recommend signing up for the course, or you can just take whatever advice you get from me.

Stay awesome!

Dominic (Aul)

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