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Character Tip #1

All right, so I’ve been thinking a lot about what makes a good character versus a bad character.

Everybody wants to craft likable characters, right?  You want people to be so in love with your characters that they’ll laugh when they laugh, cry when they cry, get angry when they get angry—you get the picture.

So here’s my first tip to creating a good, solid character:

Character Tip #1: Be bold.

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What does that mean?

Be bold with your character.  No one likes picking up a book where the character is no-personality-average-Joe.  Everyone likes a character that is unique.  We want characters that stand out.  If you’re just like every other character, what’s exciting about that?

Be bold with your characters.

Is she funny or witty?  Then make her really funny and witty.

Is he a hot-head?  Then make sure he gets heated about stuff.

Is he a lonely outcast?  Then let his thoughts reflect that.

What if you want your character to be relatively “normal”.  Well, that’s okay too!  Just be bold in expressing how normal that person is.

My point is, creating a good character means effectively DEFINING who they are.  And that’s where you have to be bold…even “explicit”.

I chose the picture of Captain America because I feel like he embodies both versions of bold…when he’s a weak little shrimp, he is still a BOLD character….namely, BECAUSE he’s a weak little shrimp.  When he transforms into a solid, hunky man, he is once again BOLD…because, well, he just is!

Be bold with your characters.

Any Young Writers Interested in Joining a Club?

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Yes, that’s a long title.  But I wanted to get your attention.

I am literally thinking up all of this on the fly.  But wouldn’t it be great if a Young Writer’s Club was started on WordPress?  Does something like this actually exist?

The purpose of the club would be to promote unity, critical thinking, support, and shared love of writing with other young authors.

Age range would be for people between 15 and 22.  Exceptions could be made.

This would be more a MOVEMENT, not an official club.  I would essentially “run the show”, but I would be equal to every member.  If anyone has an idea for how to promote our club, or an idea for a direction we go in, please voice your opinion!

Once again, thinking on the fly…

We could meet once every week?  Once every two weeks?  Once every month?  Preferably on a Saturday or Sunday, when people don’t have classes?

The only thing I am interested in promoting for personal reasons is the following mission statement:

(Insert name of club) is a group of writers dedicated to helping each other write stories that promote the True, the Good, and the Beautiful, by providing constructive criticism, honest feedback, and promotional resources, so as to create a vibrant writing community with enough power to move mountains.

(I’m still working on that last part, but it sounds epic, right?)

Let’s face it.  What’s the power of old people?  Experience.

What’s the power of young people?  Fearlessness.  Passion.  Lots and lots of passion.

As a movement of young writers, I’d like to see young writers USING their passion.  And using it for good.  That part about the “true, good, and beautiful” in the mission statement wasn’t something I pulled out of my butt.  That phrase is taken from what Ancient Greek philosophers and artists tried to proclaim and portray through their art.

We want to proclaim what is True because nothing is more wonderful to the mind than the Truth.

The Truth will show us, and therefore society, what is Good.

And, once we understand the Good, we can manifest what is Beautiful.

It’s a wonderful philosophy, isn’t it?

What do you think?

If you are within the age range of 15-22 and are interested in joining or have any questions, please comment or email me at:


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Let’s be like Captain America.  Let’s move a country.  Move the world.