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Revitalizing One Another–That’s What Blogging is About

Happy feast of the Assumption to anyone who cares! ūüôā


Today I want to talk about something that has recently been very important to me. ¬†I’ve been going through a difficult time lately, discerning what I should do with my life as I head off to college. ¬†The major I picked for myself (mechanical engineering) has been seeming less and less appealing to me, and I’m not sure what other field I should go into that would provide me with a steady job.

Lots of other people are going through difficult times too; perhaps even more difficult times than myself. ¬†It’s the world we live in. ¬†Life is a struggle, living isn’t cheap, and the world can be heartless.

It’s in these moments that we need encouragement from other people; we need inspiration; we need strength and comfort, reassurance and love.

Thanks to the goodness of God and the graciousness of others, I have received that.

anime friendship

My friends, this is what blogging is all about.

I’ve said it plenty of times before and I’ll say it again: blogging is about COMMUNITY.

If you want your blog to be successful, if you want to have a successful blogging experience, work to build a community.  There is nothing else more valuable on WordPress than finding and establishing a community of people around yourself who like the same things as you, help you, critique you, and support you.

It’s empowering to know that someone you’ve never met cares about you. ¬†Maybe they don’t really “CARE” about you. ¬†After all, we are just random people across the world, meeting and talking on the internet. ¬†But there are still generous souls on WordPress who care enough to say something, to encourage you, to listen to you, etc.

Sig and Armstrong

This is what blogging is all about. ¬†The vast world of the internet needn’t be a land of strangers (although you SHOULD be careful). ¬†You can find so much here; you can prosper here.

The first piece of advice I will give you is that you must first become a part of what you hope to obtain. ¬†You must first become a member of a community before you expect to be received by it. ¬†That’s where you start. ¬†That’s how this all begins.

What happens after that is up to you.  What you make of it is your choice.

To any new bloggers welcome.  I hope you find a community here.

As always, What do you think?

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