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Writing Virtues: Consistency


“Stop waiting for motivation or inspiration to strike you and set a schedule for your habits. This is the difference between professionals and amateurs. Professionals set a schedule and stick to it. Amateurs wait until they feel inspired or motivated.”

— James Clear on sticking to a schedule

Bam.  James Clear hits the nail on the head.  He doesn’t sugar-coat anything.  When you don’t have a schedule, or you have a schedule and you don’t stick to it, you’re just an amateur.

Amateurs can still produce great works of art; but you’re not a professional without consistency.

There’s not much else I can say.  Let the gravity of Clear’s words sink in.

I’m…an amateur.

And after you’ve let those words sink in, decide–right here, and right now–what you can do to change that.  What can you do to become more professional?  How far are you willing to go to accomplish this?

A virtue is “a firm habit of doing good”.  Consistency itself is the essence of virtue.  It’s one of the greatest and simplest virtues of a writer: which also means that it is one of the hardest to practice.

Let’s strive to be consistent with our writing.  Always.

Because we aren’t amateurs anymore.

What do you think?