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The Golden Lands, Volume 1, is Now an Ebook

Copyright 2015 Clare Sceski
Copyright 2015 Clare Sceski

I did it.  It’s done.  I self-published volume one of The Golden Lands (TGL).  This is an utterly huge accomplishment.

There’s really not too much I can say.  This is the beginning of a new journey.  And that’s right.  The beginning.  When I first started writing The Golden Lands, I had never planned for it to become something so official.   But now it is.  And I’m happy with that.

So here you go.  Although it’s only available at Smashwords for the present (because they haven’t distributed it to places like Apple, Barnes and Nobles, etc), I encourage all of you, my dear followers, to take a look at my finished product and share it with your friends.  You can find the link to my Smashwords page by clicking the picture in the sidebar or by clicking here.

I’m giving you everything you need to know about TGL in order to get you up to speed in this post.  Let this post serve as a reference for finding information about TGL on this blog and how to find it on the internet.

Here’s my Smashwords page again:

The Golden Lands, Volume 1: Shadows in the Sunlight

And here are links to post from this blog that will get you up to speed with everything going down here:

The Genre

The Dream

The Reason

The Prologue

Thank you all once again for all of your support.  I couldn’t have done any of this without you.  Remember to enjoy the book and spread the word!

Just to end, here’s a brief excerpt:

But one thing is certain.  My mood has changed.  “What am I doing?” I think furiously to myself.  “Those beasts left you to die, to die a slow death.  They stole Soror and Frater.  And I don’t know why, but maybe they have something to do with my parents disappearing!”  I clench the floor with my hand, squeezing as hard as I can.  “Look at me!” I think, gritting my teeth and huffing, “How dare they make me so pathetic!  How dare they make me despair so that I willingly waste away?”  I push myself to my feet.  I scoop up a handful of blood and let it run out of my hand.  With my other hand I grip my sword beside me.  And this time I speak aloud, roaring, “And how dare they do this to my life!?”

Your Author,


Praise be to God 😉


This is it.  One more day until I publish The Golden Lands via Smashwords!  Tomorrow’s the day!

It’s been a really busy week, polishing everything off and making everything as perfect as it can get.  But I can tell it’s been worth it, and it’s going to be worth it.  Thank you for all the support you’ve given me so far, and I hope that you’ll stick with me as we continue on this journey together.  You’ve been immensely helpful.  I hope the pleasure you derive from my writing will be sufficient payment.

So here’s the overview of Volume One: Shadows in the Sunlight:

Genre: Fiction/Fantasy/Dark/Young Adult and Teen/Adventure

And let’s not forget that the plot-flow and the characters behave like those of an anime 🙂

Short synopsis:

Left for dead by a band of strange, dark warriors, John Hedekira sets out on a quest to get revenge and to rescue his siblings from the hands of his attackers.  Joining him is the kind, innocent Faith Pinck, and together they must stop the evil warriors before they can complete their mission, a dark plot to collide humanity with the world of an unholy, supernatural being.

And just so all of you know, my page “The Prologue” has been updated, with a newly edited version of the prologue.


*Deep breath*

Get excited for tomorrow!

Your AA,



Two more days until I publish the first volume of The Golden Lands!!!  Here’s a brief teaser to get you pumped:

They begin dragging Soror and Frater out of the house.  I cry out to them, raising my sword, but I am blocked by a swarm of the beasts.  The darkness is so thick around me, so dark I’ve never seen anything like it, as though the darkness is a black wall connecting the beasts, emanating from their skin.  The way they move makes my head swim, like they keep multiplying and then vanishing into the darkness.  I charge them, and two of them step out to meet me.  One after another, I cut both of them down.  I hear my siblings scream from outside, and I raise my head to look for them outside our demolished front door.  I see them with their arms outstretched for me, and then all of a sudden I feel pain erupt in my stomach and I gasp.  Time freezes for a moment, and then I gasp again, looking down at the blade sticking into my body.  The blade retracts, and I release a quivering breath.  I fall to the ground on my side, watching as my blood pools beneath me, warm against my side.  As I lay there,—sharp, burning pain running through me—I look up, seeing outside within the fading light of day a distinct figure; a beast with long, matted hair, and a red cape.  And I know he is their leader.

Then they leave.  Their cries sound for long, pain-filled moments after, and then they fade into silence.  And all that’s left behind is blood and shadow.

There’s still a bit more work for me to do.  If any of you have some advice about self-publishing, please let me know!  (Especially informing me about certain traps that I could run into).

Thanks for your support!  Almost ready to go!