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The Darkness Within Overview

So, it’s officially happening.  The second book of my fantasy series, Elithius, is coming out in December.

It’s crazy to think of how far I’ve come with this series…it’s crazier to think about how much is left to go!

I’m so excited…so proud…and yet so humbled to be making this journey with all of you.

I thought I’d provide and overview of my upcoming book, just to give you an idea of what to expect.

Here goes:

Front Cover Elithius 2

Name: Elithius, Book Two: The Darkness Within

Genre: Fantasy/Dark/Supernatural/Romance/Anime

Length: 385 pages


John Hedekira and his friends must venture into the Gray Lands in order to rescue John’s sister, Cassie.  Upon entering the Gray Lands, they make new friends…and new enemies.  Before they know it, they are thrown into the middle of a raging war, in which loyalties and friendships will be tested, darker and more heinous powers will challenge them…and souls will be ripped apart.

The adventures of John and his friends have only begun.


The force of Kiilda’s first attack makes me stumble backwards and I flail my arms in an attempt to stay on my feet.  I right myself just in time to block Its second attack.  I was expecting Kiilda to be set upon killing me; I figured that that was all It cared about.  I showed up here, dangling from a chain in a giant hole in the ground, to fight to the death.

For my sister.

Nevertheless, the proficiency of Kiilda is startling.  For being so large, Kiilda moves with agility and speed that even I don’t possess.  And, of course, the monster possesses strength; It is made of stone.

But there’s more to It than that; there’s more to the fear and sense of intimidation that is being driven into my heart.  Kiilda shows no expression.  Its face never changes.  The monster charges after me, Its mouth hanging open, a dull, ghoulish look etched across Its face.  The truth is, as I stand my ground, blocking blow after blow, I finally come to understand the inhumanness of Kiilda.  My sense of understanding is so real, I know that it cannot hold any falsity—I have experienced this thing for ten seconds…and I can already sense that It isn’t even alive.  I can sense that It has no soul.

I feel my heart drop to my stomach.  Shivering inwardly, I think to myself, It’s like It’s…a doll.  A body without a soul.

I deflect a slash for my face, ducking underneath my sword, and then I take a chance and abandon defense, stabbing for Kiilda’s stomach.  Kiilda was lunging after me, leaving Its body completely exposed.  Maybe It thought that I would have been too focused on protecting myself to attack.  Or maybe It makes no such considerations at all.  Either way, I already know my sword will meet its mark….

I’m so excited to share this story with you.  I poured so much of myself into this book, even more than the last one.

As always, I’d like to know, What do you think???

Coming up Next on The Golden Lands

In case any of you missed it, I successfully self published the first volume of The Golden Lands.  If you’re interested, feel free to take a look at it here.  This is a really big step for me, and I’m excited that finally I can share my work with all of you!

There’s a lot more coming to this blog.  I’ve decided to start a series (called “Soul Bleeder”) based off of The Golden Lands that will be presented to all of you on this blog.  The series will be based off of a character that will appear in a later volume of The Golden Lands.  You’ll get to meet him, therefore, before he’s even seen in the original series!  (Think of it as your own personal, back stage tour of The Golden Lands!) Just so that you know how and when to look out for the upcoming blog series, all posts entitled “Soul Bleeder: (insert chapter name)” will be a part of the series.

But it doesn’t stop there.  I’m going to take it further than a special series created just for you.  This is going to be an “open” series.  

What does that mean?

It means that you are free to add/insert your own chapter into the series.

Now take note, I’m going to write the first couple chapters so you can get a feel for what’s going on in the series.  Subsequently, however, you will be free to create your own chapter (I’ll alert you when I’ll begin accepting chapters).  You can post it to your blog, (and I’ll re-blog it here), or you can send it to me via email (aultsom23@gmail.com).

Also, it would be very helpful if you could alert me when you begin the process of writing a chapter for the series, so that I’ll know when to stop and “leave room” for you, so to speak.  If I write a chapter, and then you write the next chapter, but don’t tell me, I might end up posting the next part instead, and then your chapter won’t make sense anymore.  FURTHERMORE, please comment in order to tell me if you posted another chapter.  I’d love to see what you can come up with!

This should be fun!

Your Author,



Two more days until I publish the first volume of The Golden Lands!!!  Here’s a brief teaser to get you pumped:

They begin dragging Soror and Frater out of the house.  I cry out to them, raising my sword, but I am blocked by a swarm of the beasts.  The darkness is so thick around me, so dark I’ve never seen anything like it, as though the darkness is a black wall connecting the beasts, emanating from their skin.  The way they move makes my head swim, like they keep multiplying and then vanishing into the darkness.  I charge them, and two of them step out to meet me.  One after another, I cut both of them down.  I hear my siblings scream from outside, and I raise my head to look for them outside our demolished front door.  I see them with their arms outstretched for me, and then all of a sudden I feel pain erupt in my stomach and I gasp.  Time freezes for a moment, and then I gasp again, looking down at the blade sticking into my body.  The blade retracts, and I release a quivering breath.  I fall to the ground on my side, watching as my blood pools beneath me, warm against my side.  As I lay there,—sharp, burning pain running through me—I look up, seeing outside within the fading light of day a distinct figure; a beast with long, matted hair, and a red cape.  And I know he is their leader.

Then they leave.  Their cries sound for long, pain-filled moments after, and then they fade into silence.  And all that’s left behind is blood and shadow.

There’s still a bit more work for me to do.  If any of you have some advice about self-publishing, please let me know!  (Especially informing me about certain traps that I could run into).

Thanks for your support!  Almost ready to go!