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Copyright 2015 Clare Sceski
Copyright 2015 Clare Sceski


John and Faith now know the plot of the Evil that kidnapped Soror and Frater, John’s little sister and brother; they, along with a host of other humans, are to be sacrificed to the ominous god of death. Meanwhile, Faith is realizing the true, dark nature of John’s desire to hunt the Evil. Can she stop him before his thirst for vengeance consumes him…or will it consume her instead?



I step behind my tree and run.  As I do, I see an arrow whiz over my head, and my heart jumps.  “That was close,” I think, swallowing.  Ahead of me, I see a tree with big roots next to a little ditch, and preceding it is about twenty feet of open forest.  Perfect!  I can bunker down behind the tree, and the Evil will have to come out into the open to get me.  For a moment, I feel a glimmer of hope.

Then an arrow zips right past me, the same height as my heart, and it hits the tree I’m heading for.  I jump behind the tree, landing on my knees, and I stab four arrows into the side of the ditch as fast as I can.  Then I look up, searching for the beasts, but mainly for him.

I see him.  I immediately look away and load an arrow, shooting one Evil down as he enters the clearing, and then another.  The other beasts shuffle behind trees, and once again I glance at the archer.  I grunt with alarm, and fling myself to the side in the direction of my tree.  As if time suddenly slows, I watch the archer’s missile fly through my hair as I dodge.  When I’m successfully being covered by the wood, I reach to my left and grab the two arrows stuck in the ground and rise.  I’m breathing more heavily than I should be, and my mind is too frantic to devise a plan.  I hear the Evil rushing this way from behind their cover.  I nock and arrow and peek out from behind my tree, and I fire.  I can’t seem to focus; I’m too afraid—too jumpy.  The projectile only hits my target in the thigh.  Why is what I saw bothering me so much, when I glanced at the archer?

He was smiling.

My pursuers are growing too close.  I rise and run.  Now I know why I’m so afraid; why this archer petrifies me.  It’s his confidence; he and all these beasts.  They don’t fear me.  They know they can kill me.  It’s their own certainty that makes me lose mine.

The ground dips in front of me, and I see that I’m approaching a large gully, a giant, empty bowl in the forest.  I reason as I dart forward that if I go into the gully, the Evil will have a hard time approaching me.  I hop onto my butt as I reach the edge of the gully and slide down to the center, careful not to stab myself with the arrow I’m carrying.  I get to my feet and turn to face my enemies, fitting the arrow in my hand to my bowstring.  I look up and see that one Evil is already descending the gully.  I aim and shoot, killing the monster with a chest-shot.  I release a breath of confidence as I reload, and I shoot another Evil in the stomach as he arrives at the top of the ravine.  “Okay,” I think as I reach back into my quiver for another arrow, “maybe I can do this!”

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