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Elithius 1.5

It’s been a while since I’ve given you more inside information about the world of Elithius.  Today, I want to share with you a concept and a “species” I made up that ties in with that concept.

Heyndai (heyn-DIE)

What’s a heyndai?

Basically, a heyndai is a manifestation of yourself…but a manifestation of the version of yourself that you think you’ve always wanted to be.  Thus, your heyndai contains and fulfills every desire you’ve ever had for yourself.  Everything you’ve dreamed of being–your appearance, your social status, your skills, your level of intelligence–is encompassed in your heyndai.

Image result for epic ichigo pictures
Your heyndai says you can become like this…

Your heyndai can only be seen by you; only you yourself will ever experience it.  It is something that you must encounter directly through your mind–in a dream or a vision, for example.  So, technically speaking, your heyndai isn’t even real!  It is purely the product of your imagination and your views of yourself and the world around you.

Sounds pretty neat, right?

Well…sort of.

The problem is, what if your desires aren’t pure?  What if you’ve always dreamed of being beautiful, and your heyndai makes people divorce their spouses for you?  What if you’re tired of being bullied, and wish to become the bully?  What if your idea of being perfect is flawed?

The problem with heyndai is that it’s an alluring, captivating version of yourself.  So you are always trying to become your heyndai…and you can!

You just have to forsake your soul to do it.

That’s right.  Allow yourself to be consumed by the idea of becoming your heyndai, and that’s exactly what will happen: you’ll be consumed.

white ichigo
….but really, it makes you become this


This whole concept of heyndai and whether they are good or bad is very significant in Elithius.  Should we try to become heyndai?  Do we desire to become something pure?  If your heyndai is what you’ve always wanted to be, do you even know what it is you actually want to be?  How well do you know your desires?

These are the struggles of John Hedekira as he begins to make contact with his heyndai.

Deep questions, right?

But then, that’s Elithius for you!

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Cover art by Elizabeth M

Elithius 1.3


Ever since I got a concussion, I haven’t had much to do but sit around and write!  (Thanks for all of your support, by the way!)

Here’s something new about Elithius!

All fantasy worlds are unique.  Something has to make each world special, or there will be something seriously lacking.  I’d like to think that I’ve done a good job with making my fantasy universe unique.

I know that we’ve been over this, but, just for any newcomers, my fantasy universe is called Elithius (this happens to be the name of my book series also).  Elithius has three worlds inside of it, which are connected by portals (The Golden Lands, the Gray Lands, and the Dark Lands).

This seems unique enough, right?

Well, things get a little more complicated, and that’s what I’m going to tell you about today (without spoilers!)

Kiilda: the Subworld Between Worlds

TGL 5 interior
My awesome sister’s representation of Kiilda

Only the bad guys (Malam/Evil) can pass through the portals (and thus between worlds) with ease.  If an Evil wants to go from the Golden Lands to the Gray Lands, all he has to do is take a step through the portal to the Gray Lands, and he’s there!  Evil can do this individually, or as a group.  They can also take humans with them too, and the humans will be unharmed when they reach the other side.

So the portals are Evil-friendly, and whoever Evil bring with them.

What happens if you’re a human though, and you enter without an Evil?

You will be sent by the portal to the subworld of Kiilda, whether you like it or not.  Even if you enter the portal as a group of humans, the portal will separate you into your own individual subworlds.

What’s so bad about being sent to the subworld of Kiilda?  You have to fight a demon–also called Kiilda–who isn’t even alive.   Seriously.  Kiilda is neither living nor dead, and Its only purpose is to kill whoever enters the subworld.  If Kiilda kills you…well, you’re dead.  And if you kill Kiilda, you never have to face the Kiilda of that portal again!  And you basically have the status of an Evil; you can take however many humans you want through the portal, and the portal won’t take them from you!

So this is just another way that Elithius is a unique fantasy universe.  I know that all of this might sound a little complex, but in the context of the book, it all makes sense.  Sometimes, it doesn’t make complete sense, because this information is new to all of the characters!

I do not own this picture.  But this is (surprisingly) a very good representation of what Kiilda looks like when It reaches the pinnacle of Its strength.

But hey, who doesn’t like a bit of mystery?  That is what Kiilda is all about, to be honest.  Where does the subworld of Kiilda come from?  Why does it exist?  Why is Kiilda friendly to Evil?

Lots of questions.  Does anyone have the answer (other than me 😉 )?

What do you think of the way I set up my universe?  Does it seem you unique?  Complicated?  Intriguing?

Your thoughts matter!