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Epic Emiya 4

The light falls in gentle rays, bright and lucid.  They join with the mountain air, which is cool and snowy around me.  The mountain air washes me gently, but below I can hear it roaring loudly in the precipices on either side of the mountain.  But I am not cold.  Something powerful burns inside of me.  It’s something great and terrible…but at the same time it’s soft.  It’s under control.  It’s me, actually.  Or it’s something that has been entrusted to me, with the knowledge that I can bear it.

I’m surrounded by swords.  Each one is different.  But they all hum with the same intense, electric power.  All of them are gently stirred by the crisp mountain breeze.  And as I breathe in the air, the blades seem to breathe too.  I will take up only one sword when I go to fight.  But all of them are connected.  All of them are a part of me.  They cast shadows on the flawless snow, falling into place like the ranks of an army.  They are silently saluting, silently heralding me as their master.  Each one is a part of a greater whole; each one is a part of me.  They are, in a way, physical manifestations of my own personal strength.

How great I am.  How great I have been made.  With strength like this, strength that I’ve been blessed with, I can move mountains.  Or I can fly off of them.  This power filling me, given to me, it can only be described by the number of blades that I direct:



I love Fate/Stay Night 😀

What does this picture make you think of?

Stay awesome,

Dom (Aul)

Clash of Hearts


There’s something about the way we fight.  Something about how we swing, or how we attack.  It’s something different than war.  It’s different from chaotic battle.  We might be blind as we strike at each other.  But we don’t need to see.

The air seems to explode and ripple with power every time our blades clash together, ringing clarion every time they meet.  Sparks fly into the air, and gusts of wind tear through our hair.

We don’t need to see while we battle.  Because this isn’t a battle with blades.  It’s a battle of the heart.  Our bodies move, and our swords follow, but what we really attack with is our minds.  Our hearts.  Our souls.

Why do we feel alive when we fight?  Why do we feel alive at the times when we’re closest to death?  Is it just the excitement?  Is it just the emotion?  I wish I knew the answer.  I don’t want to be a killer.  I don’t want to exact supremacy over another human.  That’s not what this is about.  That’s not what I want this to be about.

But something about fighting with my emotions, letting them guide and direct me…why does that feel so right?  Why is there something beautiful about the way I attack and destroy?  Why do I feel alive when I’m fighting a battle to the death?

Maybe…maybe it’s because, if I didn’t feel alive, I would lose.  I would just die.  We’d all die.

Or maybe there is something beautiful about destroying.  About fighting to the end.

But maybe the person we should be fighting against isn’t another human.  Maybe other humans aren’t the enemy.  Maybe they were never the enemy.  Maybe the person we need to be fighting against is ourselves.  Maybe there’s something beautiful about that; destroying what needs to be destroyed within ourselves.  Maybe that’s why we love fighting.  Maybe that’s why we think it beautiful.  We just need to realize where the fighting belongs.  We need to realize that fighting is for purification.  That unless we defeat the evil in ourselves, then evil in this world will prevail.   It’s still a fight to the death.  It’s still exciting.  It’s still beautiful.

It’s still a clash of the heart.

It’s a question I often find myself asking: why do we find the action (aka the violence) in certain books, movies, anime, etc. to be so fascinating and exciting?  Why do we “enjoy” it when two characters are killing each other?  I mean, if you think about it, that’s pretty twisted.  I’m extremely guilty of it.

However, I do believe that we naturally perceive the beauty of it all for a reason.

I forget which saint (or maybe it was a modern Catholic author) said it, but he described the Holy Spirit as One Who Destroys.  That’s why one of the symbols for the Holy Spirit is fire…fire destroys things.  We usually use fire to burn away whatever things are useless to us.  In the same way, the Holy Spirit destroys-literally burns away-the impurities within us.  He helps us to win that interior battle.

I’m still working out the logic of it all 🙂

Stay awesome,

Dom (Aul)


Why We Love Anime #1


Showing you just how awesome anime is…with epic pictures!

I’m not usually going to comment whenever I post a “Why We Love Anime”, but this picture deserves some attention.

First of all, I love this image.   It beautifully depicts what love looks like.  You can see how both Emiya (the boy) and Saber (the girl) are giving of themselves to each other.  Emiya is obviously giving himself entirely to Saber; he doesn’t even have the strength to stand.  His lifeless body is falling into her.  And she’s receiving him.  Both of them are covered in Emiya’s blood, embracing each other through the blood.  Love exists even through the pain.  That’s exactly how love between a man and a woman should like.

And look at the scenery around them.  What’s flying around in the sky? Crows.  Maybe vultures.  Either way, both of those birds are symbols for evil and death.  But look at Saber’s face.  Even though they are seemingly surrounded by evil, the sky dark and the world decaying around them, they are both at peace.  Because they’re holding each other, and real love exists between them.

I don’t know who drew this, but I tip my hat to you!

This is just another reason as to Why We Love Anime!