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Yup I’ll Be That Guy

Hey!  So you know how I criticize people for always blogging like “BUY MY BOOK”?

Well, I’m about to be that guy.

Money’s kind of short and I need to pay rent and eat (I do have a job, it’s just not enough).

I’d like to suggest that you purchase (yes, the accursed p-word!) your summer reading NOW, since it’s not like the story is going to disappear from your Kindle app.  $5.99 isn’t a lot–it’s the price of your coffee, your visit to the bar, your sandwich, etc.  But that’s all it costs to get my 350-page YA fantasy novel.

And it would really help your beloved blogger out 🙂

Here’s the description and a link.  Cheers!

Elithius New
Copyright 2018 Elizabeth M.

“The clock is ticking…”

His parents abandon him when he’s thirteen. He’s left to care for his little brother and sister. Life is tough. Things can’t seem to get any worse.

But then fabled monsters of the Dark Lands break down the door. They kidnap his siblings. And they leave him bleeding out on the floor of his own home.

But he survives.

Fear Hedekira is a hot-headed sixteen-year-old faced with a world that is becoming more warped by the day. Joined by his friends Aislin and Arik, it becomes his mission to punish the monsters that attacked him–the Volcyrie–and rescue his brother and sister. But time is not on his side. If he can’t free his siblings in time, they’ll be taken to another world entirely…where they will be sacrificed to the God of Death.

The story of Elithius has just begun.

Get your copy here!