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Bleach Fanfiction!!!

Hey all!   I thought I’d share with you this Bleach Fanfiction I’ve been writing over on Wattpad.  Bleach is an anime, just so you know!  Here’s the plot and the link to the story on Wattpad!


Fan art Ichigo

Enter the world of Bleach once again! Why? Why not!? Deep within Hueco Mundo, a mysterious scientist in league with the Menos Grande discovers how to create extremely powerful clones of whomever he chooses. But the clones aren’t perfect; they were created to be evil, obedient warriors. Instead, they possess unnatural abilities and end up going haywire. Ichigo Kurosaki and his friends are faced with stopping and containing the clones before they can unleash a special power they all possess: a power that could be used to destroy both the World of the Living and the Soul Society.