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Liebster Award


A BIG thank you goes to Nicolle over at Stories of a Highly Sensitive Introvert for nominating me for the Liebster Award.  If there was a Supreme Follower That Every Blogger Wants award, she would win it!

The rules are simple!

  1. Acknowledge the blog who nominated you and display award.
  2. Answer 11 questions the blogger gives you.
  3. Give 11 random facts about yourself.
  4. Nominate 11 blogs and notify them of the nomination.
  5. Give them 11 questions to answer.

So, without further ado, here are my answers to Nicolle’s questions:

  1. What is your favourite memory?

It’s kind of personal, so I won’t go into detail, but my favorite memory is the moment I realized that my girlfriend is the most amazing person in the world to me.

2. What is one thing you regret, and if you could go back what would you do differently?

This is an interesting question because it actually haunts my the books I write.  A regret I have is not standing up to a guy who was clearly harassing a girl (albeit in a public setting), and I just walked away.  If I could do things differently, I’d punch him!

3. What are your goals at the moment?

Pretty much what they’ve always been!  I’d love to have my book become world famous (of course), I’d like to continue pursuing my girlfriend, and become a successful engineer at the same time.

4. How are you feeling right now?

Pretttttty gooooood. 🙂

5. What did you have for dinner today?

It’s 1:52 PM.  Haven’t had dinner yet!  I think we are having some form of chicken though…

6. When was the last time you cried, and why?

A couple weeks ago because I was seriously missing my girlfriend.

7. The funniest joke you heard?

“Why can’t Helen Keller drive a car?  Because she’s a woman.”

Sexist plot twist 🙂

8. Do you have any pets!

I don’t actually!

9. Who inspires you the most?

God.  My girlfriend.  God and my girlfriend.  They work wonderfully together 🙂  My girlfriend is literally one of the most inspiring people I’ve ever had the blessing of knowing.

10. Your favourite song?

Ahhhhh…tough one!!!  Too tough, actually!  How about this one?

11. What are your hobbies?

Uhhh….WRITING!  Reading, blogging, playing football, snowboarding, and talking to people.  I like talking to people about interesting, deep things.  It’s the spice of life!


  1. I’m color blind.  Yes, it’s true.
  2. I’m the only red-head in my family.  Don’t ask how that happened!
  3. It says on my drivers license that I have green eyes but my girlfriend insists that they’re blue.  For obvious reasons, I will agree with my girlfriend 🙂
  4. I’m a devout Catholic.  Does that make you uncomfortable?  We tend to do that sometimes…
  5. I’m actually 5’11 and three quarters but I tell everyone I’m 6’0.  Who wants to be 5’11 and three quarters?
  6. I prefer sausage over bacon.  Sausage is more…fulfilling.
  7. I’ve had two knee surgeries, both of them football-injury related.
  8. I’m one of seven children (note fact #4)
  9. I’ve been homeschooled all my life until now.
  10. I attend Villanova University for engineering.  GO CATS!!
  11. I got a concussion snowboarding and was really loopy for several hours…I had been convinced that the Ski-Patrol had performed mouth-to-mouth with me in order to resuscitate me.  Go figure!

Thanks again to Nicolle for nominating me!

My questions for you are the same as Nicolle’s!  Here they are:

  1. What is your favourite memory?
  2. What is one thing you regret, and if you could go back what would you do differently?
  3. What are your goals at the moment?
  4. How are you feeling right now?
  5. What did you have for dinner today?
  6. When was the last time you cried, and why?
  7. The funniest joke you heard?
  8. Do you have any pets?
  9. Your favourite song?
  10. Who inspires you the most?
  11. What are your hobbies?



“Dear World…”

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Dear World,

I know you want good things.  We all do.  It’s a truth that will never change.  There’s this part of us that is always hungering, aching for something we don’t have; something we are convinced that we want, even if we don’t know what THAT is.

The problem is, dear World, you’re looking in all the wrong places.

You’ve changed, old friend.  That, or I’m finally starting to view you as you really are.  Either way, you’ve changed to me.  People have changed.  And people make up who you are, World.

We are always looking for the newest thrill…because the old thrills don’t satisfy us anymore.  We have an insatiable hunger, and the bar, the standards, continue to grow higher and higher…but somehow lower at the same time.  The most common way I see this is through what “impresses” us in stories anymore.

For once we have seen something in one degree, and appreciated it, we are always on the look out for that same thing on a higher degree.  We are always looking for something, some aspect of a story, that can top another.

When we watch a movie with an evil villain, we are impressed by the villain’s cunning, by his master plan, by the very fact that he is so evil and hits all the right spots in his evilness.  When we were younger, the “bad guy” that might have impressed us in these ways might have been an evil step-mother from a Disney Princess movie.  But then Disney Princess antagonists weren’t enough.  

Loki was clever, conceited, and attractive.  We were impressed by his extent of evil.  But…suddenly it just wasn’t enough.

Then there was Moriarty from Sherlock.  He was crazy.  He was insane.  He was dark for no other reason than because he wanted to be.  But soon Moriarty wasn’t enough.

So then there was the Joker from the Dark Night…

and the pattern continues.  And it can go for any theme or genre.

Take romance.  Each new movie or book has to be even more romantic than the last.  More touching.  It needs to make us cry HARDER than the last one, and make us feel more emotional than the last one…because, otherwise, it just won’t be as good.  We always want things to a degree higher than we already have experienced.

World, you are searching for Infinity.  You want Eternity.  You are obsessed with the highest.

I’m not surprised that you’re obsessed with sex.  You crave it in every way, shape, and form…and that’s what makes you crude, dear World.  You want sex, but you want it just for pleasure.  You want it to numb your pain.  You want it because it IS impressive.  Because it makes you feel things that no other experience will give you.  It makes you feel wanted.  But you are obsessed with the right things in all the wrong ways.  Because you don’t understand that what you want, that sex, is meant for something higher than fleeting pleasures, momentary happiness.  You are a World of counterfeits, of lies.

You will never be happy, dear World., because you want the highest goods, but you will pay nothing to buy it.  You want what is eternal and lasting, greater than the first good, more captivating than the last feeling…but you’ll never get it.  Because you are unwilling to work for it.  You aren’t willing to hurt for what you desire. 

We are obsessed with what costs so much…but we are also obsessed with what is easy.  With what is convenient.  That’s why you settle for counterfeits.  That’s why you never get what you want.  That’s why you turn to higher and higher forms of “pleasure”…and turn away unsatisfied, and more monstrous than you were before.

I love you, World.  And so I tell you the secret.

What you search for is love.

And you think this to be an obvious statement.  You think “I know that’s what I want!”

But you don’t know what love is.

Love is sacrifice.  Love hurts.  And that is why you never have it.  

Love is not convenient.  It is not equal to sex, or the distorted types of things that you call sex…which, in turn, you call love.  And love hurts….SO much.  

But, what you have yet to understand, is that it’s worth it.

And so I give you this piece of advice…dare I say, this warning, old friend: LEARN!  Learn to love love.  Learn to love sacrifice.  Learn to give up your counterfeits.  Your desire for the highest of the highest is not bad.  It is simply misplaced.  What you want is something good…you just don’t know what that “good” is yet.

Learn, World.

For if you don’t, then only death and destruction awaits you.

We have already seen signs of this decay.  It is already happening before us.






North Korea.


Las Vegas.

Learn to love, World.  The fight has always been yours.


Character Tip #3

Our first tip was have bold characters that are unique.  The second tip was, once creating bold characters, make sure they have integrity and remain true to who they are.  Character development is fine, but don’t have a silly character randomly get all serious, and don’t have a quiet character randomly give a speech.

And now, for tip #3.

Love your characters.

Brotherhood hug

We all want readers to love our characters…and thus, the first thing we must do is become invested in our characters ourselves.  I know it seems obvious, but it’s true.

How can we make readers care and feel for a character if we don’t take the time to do so ourselves?  How can we portray characters with integrity to their character if we don’t THINK about how they would act in a certain situation?

If we want others to fall in love with our characters, we must do so ourselves.

There’s a serious temptation to for us to be unfaithful to our characters and wish that they would change; we don’t want to love them for who they are.  Fight this temptation!  You must love your characters for who they are.  Characters can change…but not without reason.  If you feel like changing a character just because you’re bored…then you don’t love your characters enough!

Love your characters.  That’s how you make others love them.


The Final Battle

SAO pic

I hold them tighter, allowing the moment to last.  Finally, finally, they’re safe once again.

Then Cassie grunts.  “John!” she exclaims, the maturity and earnestness of her tone surprising me.

I whirl around.  Perhaps I thought too soon.  He’s standing there, beside the body of the dead giant Evil, watching us.

The Red Captain…Nirak.

Crouching, I don’t remove my gaze from him.  I sink until I feel my fingers close around the hilt of my sword, and then I stand upright.  I slowly, cautiously raise my hand, and in a gentle, drawn out motion, remove my cloak from my shoulders.  It jerks and waves as it flows away from my body, alighting delicately on the ground to my right, the way the wind beckoned it.

“I’ve been watching you, ever since you entered Howaito Maki,” his voice comes to me from across the distance of twenty feet between us.  “At first, I didn’t know why I found you so interesting.  But now, I think I understand.”  He gestures with his sword, pointing at me, “Who are you?”

“Do you remember me?” I question.  “Your Evil left me for dead in the middle of my own home, and you kidnapped my little brother and sister.”

Nirak pauses, thinking for a moment, and then smiles, “Yes, I remember you.  You were the first family we found.  I had given my Evil orders not to kill any of you three, so that I might have a higher number for the sacrifice, but my Evil didn’t listen very well.  They were too…excited.  They felt too…challenged.”  I grunt, unnerved and uncertain as to the meaning of his words, and then he speaks once again, “I ask you once more: what is your name, human?”

I grit my teeth and state boldly, “My name is John Hedekira, son of Anthony!”

John Hedekira,” the Red Captain repeats.  “Indeed, you are interesting.  Do you even know what ‘hedekira’ means?”

I grunt; I don’t know.  I didn’t even know my last name had any significant meaning.  “I’d stop acting so confident,” I say, trying to change the course of our conversation.  “You’re outnumbered and the prisoners have been saved!  You can stop asking questions, because I don’t feel like answering anymore!”

Nirak lowers his head, baring his white teeth, his yellow eyes both glaring and smiling at me, and he questions, “Are you sure?”

The sound of feet pounding against the ground fills the air.  Across the courtyard, exiting the gate in the next wall, a squad of thirty Evil emerge, each one bearing a long pike and a short sword.  I look about warily, watching as the thirty Evil fall upon the dazed army of Castrum Fortress, and then I swiftly return my gaze to Nirak.  The Red Captain raises his sword.  “This fight is not over.”  And he charges me.

I hop backwards, accepting his blow against my blade, making sure I’m covering both Cassie and Luke.  Out of the corner of my eye, I see Faith and Bernard approaching.  Good, maybe they can get Cassie and Luke out of here.  But Nirak…I’m focused on him.  I feel as if…this is destiny that we should fight, and I kill him—


Cover art by Elizabeth M

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Faith’s Theme 1

Faith Pinck is the female lead in Elithius.  She starts out as an innocent 16-year-old, wanting to “make the world a better place” and “find something fulfilling to do”.

She never thought that she would end up doing that alongside John Hedekira, becoming a full-fledged warrior in the meantime.

Faith’s theme is about the courage to do what’s right, to stand up against evil, even though you might be small.  It’s about hearing the voice of truth underneath the lies that world tries to tell us.  It’s about retaining innocence and a sense of honor and virtue, even though the circumstances make us feel like turning into monsters.  It’s about holding on to love and teaching others to do so, even when they are tempted to hate.


My little sister’s awesome depiction of Faith

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Cover art by Elizabeth M


Title says it all!!!  My blog officially has 500 followers now (Facebook followers included!)!

I’m so proud of what I’ve accomplished and I’m even prouder to be a part of this community.

Thanks for all that you do.  This journey would be meaningless without you.

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Title says it all!!!  My blog officially has 500 followers now (Facebook followers included!)!

I’m so proud of what I’ve accomplished and I’m even prouder to be a part of this community.

Thanks for all that you do.  This journey would be meaningless without you.

thank you gif