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Hi there!

So I thought it was about time that I gave some of you followers a more in-depth introduction to my series, The Golden Lands.  Only a little bit ago, I finished the first story arc of TGL—an arc is basically like a “season” that a TV show might have—and I’m now beginning the next arc of the series.

So to give you a more in-depth look at TGL, there isn’t a better place to start than at the very beginning of my first volume, entitled, Shadows in the Sunlight.

Writing Volume 1, and beginning the series as a whole was very…experimental for me.  And I think beginning a story is essentially, experimental for all writers; it has to be.  At the time, I knew I wanted the story to have a mysterious, not your typical-fantasy-world kind of feel.  I wanted it to be a little unusual, a little uncomfortable even.  The way I tried to do that was by creating a world that seemed to be overly simplistic, even eerily simplistic.

And this is something that a lot of people notice, and are even unsure about.  Sometimes my readers will express a bit of doubt in this notion of having everything being too simple.  It’s uncreative, so to speak.

All right, maybe it is, maybe it isn’t.  I respect everyone’s opinion.  Either way, I liked the feel of having an overly simplistic world, or at least a world that the character’s thought was so simple.  And what do I mean?  What are the obvious ways in which the world of TGL is overly simplistic?

For starters, take the names of the three different “races” of people.  There’s Virus, Femina, and Malam.  In other words, Man, Woman, and Evil.  It’s basic Latin.  And then there are the names of the main character’s siblings:  Soror and Frater.  Literally, “sister” and “brother” in Latin…can’t say that I’m as proud of that as I should be.

But there are other things; there really isn’t any kind of hierarchy in the Golden Lands, there’s no system.  There are no politics, no wars.  It’s described in Volume 1 as “harmonious anarchy”.  The Golden Lands is supposed to be this place, literally, of light, peace, and happiness.

But then we see there are these weird, unearthly creatures, roaming, the Golden Lands.  And what are these creatures called?  Evil.  In the beginning of the book, in the prologue, Evil is singular, not plural.  Evil is a single entity that spreads itself out over the world, capable of corrupting everyone and everything.

Overly simplistic, kind of misshapen, eerie world.  That’s what I wanted.

So what are the key things that happen to kick off this series?

Well first of all, we meet the main character of the series, John Hedekira.  Right off the bat, we can tell that John is a frustrated, lonely, human being.  The world, although John knows it is supposed to be his friend, although he knows how things are supposed to be in the Golden Lands, even though he knows how he should feel as a person in the Golden Lands, there is still something about the world that haunts him, that betrays him.   He feels such enmity, and he possesses such a sense of distrust in the world.

And so we meet this character, this sixteen-year old boy, abandoned by his parents, left to watch over his two siblings that are, to quote the book, “like shadows” to him; they don’t respond to him, they are seemingly locked in their own little world of depression and self-pity, his siblings have completely shut themselves out from the rest of the world…and in doing so, they’ve kept John from truly experiencing anything outside of this bubble of depression and loneliness, and the feeling that nobody cares about them.  That is where we meet John.

Take it back a bit though.  In the prologue of the series, in the voice of John, we hear several things, but we hear about John’s desires to escape from the burden of watching of his siblings, and he wants to find this legendary person, this legendary warrior that his parents once told him about.  The prologue is this vague, rant, almost, a stream of consciousness from John’s mind, that relates the things his parents taught him about the world, his own fantasies, and the current situation he is faced with…all of these things are related.

And they get related to one thing; the presence of the Evil.  Evil with a capital E.  We are given this warning by John, about how Evil exists in the Golden Lands, about how it will find everyone.  And how?  By sensing, and flocking, to the evil we have inside of ourselves.

This is how the story really kicks off.




just give me a chance


You know that’s all anyone ever asks for.  A chance.  A chance to prove to you that they are who they say they are.  A chance to prove that they’re worth your time.  And the sad but beautiful thing about this world is that we have to rely on each other.  We have to rely on other people to give us a chance.  We can’t give ourselves the opportunities we seek.

This world is built on charity; and if it’s not, it will fall apart…just like it is.  Because instead of being built on charity, our world is built upon greed.


Just give it a chance.  Give me a chance: that’s all any writer can ask for.

Embark on the Journey.  Start the adventure.  Give me that chance. (Click here)


Yes, this is a sob story, or a “sob-post”.  I hope you don’t mind.  I just feel that it’s necessary for people to be completely honest with other human beings.  If I need your help, if I want something from you, I’m going to tell you.  Hopefully you feel that you can do the same thing.  We should feel like, as a community of bloggers, as a community of people, that we can reach out to each other and receive an answer.

Thanks for reading.

Stay awesome!



Hey all!  I know I’ve been pretty silent concerning the release of my next book Volume 5: Kiilda.  Well, that’s because I took a big break from blogging to write Volume 5!

So, what exactly is the scoop then?

Volume 5 has been completed!  All that’s left to be done is editing the manuscript and finishing the cover of Volume 6 (because I always place the cover of the next book in the back of the current book [I know, it’s confusing {just like these brackets}]).  And all of that shouldn’t take long.

Remember where the story left off???  Well, I’m not going to spoil the epic ending of Volume 4 for those of you that haven’t read it yet.  But you should remember that Volume 4 ended the first arc of The Golden Lands.  Thus, Kiilda will commence the next arc (or “season”) of The Golden Lands.  I’m still not sure what I’m going to call this next arc…but the name, as it now stands, is “Corruption”.

Oooo….bum bum BUM!

I’ll be releasing a summary of Volume 5 shortly!  But just to get you excited…


Red Volume 5

YAH.  I know.  It’s epic.  Omina gloria Dei!

(And that guy might look a little familiar to those of you that have seen the background of my blog! 😛 )

Stay awesome,

Dominic (Aul)

TGL Arc 1 Opening/Prologue


(In case you missed it, here’s the prologue for Volume 1!  I will be releasing episodes shortly.  If you’re interested in getting a head start on the normal “showtimes”, click here!)

“He” has always existed.

Or at least that’s what the stories say.  I’ve never found “him” in all my childhood years.  I’m not so sure if I believe in “him” anymore.

In a small house near the edge of a wood, looking out into a grassy plain, lives a humble family; me, my sister, and my brother, both of which are younger than me.  I love them; I just don’t know them.  We have never been close, not because we don’t get along, but because we are often separated.  For years, ever since our parents disappeared, I have spent my time scouring the woods every day, searching for food, gathering firewood, doing everything I can to keep them alive.  I don’t know them, and they don’t know me, but I care for them.

Sometimes, I feel like they don’t know that they’re dying, that without the meager care I give them, things would grow worse.  It’s hard to imagine worse.  With only me to provide for them, I don’t know how else they would survive.

But “he” has always existed.  My parents used to tell me of “him”.  They said “he” was a great warrior—a wielder of strange, mystical powers.  His sword flashed quicker than lightning, they told me, and his strength was mightier than a giant’s, and his endurance could not be matched.  And they said that, in difficult times, “he” would keep me going.  “He” would help me fight through my trials.  “He” aided all.  “He” was a lender of inner, mystical strength.

That’s what my parents said.  That was before they disappeared.  I wish I knew more about who “he” was.  But I don’t.  As the days go by, I want to travel the large, beautiful forests and the wide, windy plains, and look for “him”.  I could use “his” help.  But I can’t—I can’t go in search of “him”.  My brother and sister wouldn’t be able to survive on their own.

My parents always said that there was Evil in these lands.  It came from afar, not from the Golden Lands, but elsewhere.  They said that it would find us; all of us.  We had to be careful, they would say—there was evil in all of us.

Maybe that’s why I’ve never seen “him”.   Maybe I can’t see “him” because of the Evil.  Or maybe not seeing “him” is the Evil.

But then it came.  Like my parents said, Evil would find us.  It only seeks to grow, they said.  The evil inside of us, it beckons to more evil.  If we do not defeat the evil inside us, then we might as well let Evil walk right through our door.  If we do not cast out darkness, then it will only grow inside of us.  And once it does that, it will consume those around us.

The day I forgot this advice will be the day I will never forget.


Rukia sad pic

The chain is cold around her throat.  It is tight and cruel, stubborn and stiff.  She’s tried to pull it off; she’s tried wrenching it from her skin.  But it won’t budge.  She’s trapped.

She knows crying is useless.  But as she lowers her soft, once patient eyes to the chain, she feels like giving up.  And it just happens; her glistening, gentle tears drop dully against the chain around her throat.

She is alone with the chain.  No one else can see it.  No one else knows what she’s going through.  She is alone.  Cold steel with an iron grip is not a companion.  It is her against the chain.


But then she raises her head.  The breeze picking up around her, causing her smooth black hair to rustle, she suddenly feels like she understands something.  And for a moment, her tears stop falling.

She realizes we’re chained by so many things.  Things that we can’t even control.  The chains come from the outside…and the inside.  The worst part is, we aren’t even strong enough to break the chains.  And, most of the time, we’re the ones that chain ourselves.

It’s a struggle.  It’s her struggle.  It’s everyone’s struggle.

That’s when she realizes that we need help.  We need to help each other break our chains.

But she’s alone.  In a way, we’re all alone.  Even when we’re with other people.

So what can she do?  Who will break her chain?  Who will shatter her bonds?  Who will set her free?  Does anyone have the power to do this?

If only she realized.  If only she realized that she’s already been set free.  Her chains have already been broken.  Gripped with such a powerful embrace, the chains couldn’t hold on.  They shattered.  They fell to the ground.  And she was set free.

There’s a scar, yes.  But she shouldn’t let this hold her down.  She shouldn’t let the scar hold her back.

She needs to realize that the struggle is real.  But she’s not alone.  The chains have been broken.  She’s been set free.  And the very hand that broke her chains will also wipe her tears away…

…and hold her…

…until she’s found that place where tears are no more.

“But now that you have been freed from sin and have become slaves of God, the benefit that you have leads to sanctification, and its end is eternal life.”-Romans 6:22

I have nothing more to say.

Stay awesome!

Dom (Aul)