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For Your Writing Playlist

This is a great world-building song.  It fills you with peace, awe…and a sense of magic!  Take a deep breath and let the creative imagination FLOWWW!

Krale is a great artist, definitely check out more of his stuff if you get the chance!

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John’s Theme 1

So I thought I’d start giving you guys some song’s that capture the feel of each of my characters.  Feel free to add them to your writing playlist, as they are great for creating emotion and inspiring epic-ness!

This song is my theme for John Hedekira, the main character of my story (of course the music isn’t mine!).

Life is hard for John.  Life tries to crush him.  His own hildhood is a mystery to him, a time he’d rather forget.  His reality is consumed with his battle against the Evil on the outside…and the inside.

But, strengthened by his friends, there’s this hope, this light that exists inside of him, crying out a battle-cry, fighting back against the world.  Fighting back against the darkness.

john banner
John Hedekira, the main character of Elithius, as fantastically depicted by Elizabeth M

This is only his first theme though…as the story goes on, his theme changes, as you will see.

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