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Editing for Volume 4 is Complete!

Copyright 2015

The title says it all.  Editing for Volume 4 has been completed, which means I am one (huge) step closer to publishing Volume 4!

I hope you understand what is going on in the grand scheme of things; I hope you understand how big this is, not just for me, but for the overall series of The Golden Lands.  The first arc has been finished.  This means that the entire series, as it now exists, will be undergoing a sort of transformation, as if in honor of the first arc being complete.  The cover of Volume 1 (which is, by the way, still free as an eBook) has been changed/updated, and I intend to implement similar revisions to the other covers as well.  Volume 1 is also undergoing more vigorous editing…it shouldn’t change a whole lot, but the general idea is that Volume 1, the place where all of this began, will be given a new, fresh, professional feel.

Tell me that doesn’t look swagged-out

New ideas are springing into my mind like flowers in spring.  “Soul Bleeder”, the mini/background series that was supposed to be like “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” (but in The Golden Lands, of course), as of now, will become its own mini book series.  Writing a blog-series just doesn’t reach far enough, and it doesn’t make “Soul Bleeder” official enough.  Thus, turning it into a book series will ensure that I give “Soul Bleeder” the attention it deserves.

More artwork should be on the way too; I plan to make a poster in honor of the first arc.  It’s almost like the cover for a season of a TV show, containing epic shots of all the characters, but combined into one photo.  Volume 5’s cover is also on the way…it should be done fairly soon.  And, although I’m not sure if this will actually happen, Volume 3 might get an entirely different cover…maybe with *cough* Bernard on the front.

TONS of stuff happening, people.  Get hype and spread the word!!!

Stay awesome,



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Coming up Next on The Golden Lands

In case any of you missed it, I successfully self published the first volume of The Golden Lands.  If you’re interested, feel free to take a look at it here.  This is a really big step for me, and I’m excited that finally I can share my work with all of you!

There’s a lot more coming to this blog.  I’ve decided to start a series (called “Soul Bleeder”) based off of The Golden Lands that will be presented to all of you on this blog.  The series will be based off of a character that will appear in a later volume of The Golden Lands.  You’ll get to meet him, therefore, before he’s even seen in the original series!  (Think of it as your own personal, back stage tour of The Golden Lands!) Just so that you know how and when to look out for the upcoming blog series, all posts entitled “Soul Bleeder: (insert chapter name)” will be a part of the series.

But it doesn’t stop there.  I’m going to take it further than a special series created just for you.  This is going to be an “open” series.  

What does that mean?

It means that you are free to add/insert your own chapter into the series.

Now take note, I’m going to write the first couple chapters so you can get a feel for what’s going on in the series.  Subsequently, however, you will be free to create your own chapter (I’ll alert you when I’ll begin accepting chapters).  You can post it to your blog, (and I’ll re-blog it here), or you can send it to me via email (aultsom23@gmail.com).

Also, it would be very helpful if you could alert me when you begin the process of writing a chapter for the series, so that I’ll know when to stop and “leave room” for you, so to speak.  If I write a chapter, and then you write the next chapter, but don’t tell me, I might end up posting the next part instead, and then your chapter won’t make sense anymore.  FURTHERMORE, please comment in order to tell me if you posted another chapter.  I’d love to see what you can come up with!

This should be fun!

Your Author,


The Dream

the image is not mine
the image is not mine

So, what’s the dream?

I’ve always wanted The Golden Lands (TGL) (we’re talking about the series) to become a long lasting series of books that people, including myself, can’t get enough of.  I want people to fall in love with the characters; to feel what they feel, want what they want, feel happy for them, sad for them…I think you get the picture.  I want people to think about my characters; about why they do what they do, say what they say, believe what they believe, or enjoy this kind of soup or that kind of soup (obviously the most important one).

I want people to enjoy TGL too!

As of now, as you’re witnessing my journey, I’m planning on self-publishing The Golden Lands very soon.  It will most likely only be an ebook of some sort at first, but I’m sure I’ll move on to hard copies as time goes on.  I know self-publishing is a tricky road to go down; tons of people self-publish, and it’s very easy to get lost in all the madness.  What’s more, there isn’t very much appreciation for self-published books.  Thus, while—let’s face it—not every self-published book is that great, it would certainly stink if the good stuff (cough) just got blown over on the assumption that it’s also lame too.  So there’s a danger to self-publishing.

But it’s a lot quicker!  There’s a better chance that your work won’t get stolen and changed by some back-stabbing publisher and you get way more money for each copy you sell.

So there’s good stuff.

There’s always bad stuff.

…Sheesh, writing a book is a lot like going through life.

I know, that was beautiful. (sarcasm)

Your AA,


The Genre

So far, the only thing you know about my novella series is that it’s supposedly “epic”.  And that’s all you need to know.  Anticipate my masterpiece.


And right now you’re probably thinking, “Um, #uninformative.”  (Maybe you’re not a “hashtag” person, but I’m a teen so I’ve got rights ;).)  If you did think that, you’re a smart person.  If you didn’t think that…

Well, anyway.

…Haha 🙂

So, on to describing my novella series.  What’s it about?  A jaded, depressed, angry teenager, who goes on a quest of personal vengeance to get back at a group of evil dudes for nearly killing him and leaving him to bleed out…in the middle of his family-room floor.  And let’s not forget they’ve kidnapped his younger siblings.  Wrath making him relentless, the main character is prepared to do anything to find these “Evil” and punish all who do evil.  He makes some life-changing friends along the way.  He makes life-changing enemies.  He starts uncovering a deep, dark, secret plan.

What’s the genre? Fantasy/slightly graphic novel(la).  Why the “slightly graphic”?  I’m not sure if I’m introducing a whole new genre here, but I personally have a love of anime.  These novellas are therefore going to be “literary graphic novels” (Anime is based off of graphic novels).  If you’ve never seen anime, that’s okay.  It’s basically just Japanese cartoon shows, but they tend to be very mature, have epic plots, lots of awesome and inspiring characters, and some of them are ridiculously funny.  These novellas that I’m writing, coming out in volumes, are meant to have an “animeish” feel to them.  What does that mean?  Well, in anime, most of the characters are super tough; they can somehow suffer terrible wounds but find the means to persevere and keep on fighting.  It makes it…unrealistic, in a sense, but this is fiction we’re talking about.  What else about my novellas resemble anime?  The humor.  Although this exact scene doesn’t happen in the series, here’s an example of anime humor:

Michael was having a seriously bad day.  His car broke down on the way to work, a woman spilled coffee on his shirt, and, due to being so stressed, his face was the color of a strawberry.

You’re laughing, right?  Didn’t think so.  Let me get to the punchline.

Upon entering his office building, he grumpily thought, “How can this day get any worse?”  Almost simultaneously, a random explosion erupts in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, destroying all of Western Civilization.

And also, in response to the explosion, the American flag on the moon falls over.

Okay, so maybe that wasn’t my best joke.  You’re probably wondering what happened to Western Civilization.  Well, in anime, you’d watch the explosion destroy all of Western Civilization, and then you’d be right back with Michael in the office, like it never happened.  I think you’re starting to get the idea of anime.  Some things are exaggerated.

The reason my novellas classify as fantasy is because there is sword fighting, magical powers, strange creatures, and stuff like that.  Each volume is going to be very fast paced; in fact each volume is only about sixty pages long!  That being said, there are going to be a lot of them; the goal is to write at least twelve.  I’m already producing them pretty rapidly.  Once again, if you’re having doubts, I hope you give them a chance.

So here’s your summary of the genre:

Fantasy/Graphic novel


Yes, I added “dark” and “emotional” in there.  That’s because the first volume is indeed both dark and emotional.  But then, you’ll have to find out for yourself.

Your Aspiring Author (AA)


The Golden Lands—An Epic Novella Series

The Golden Lands

I guess I kind of deserve this.

If you’re kind of a pessimist (uh, like yours truly), you’re probably thinking that this is going to be another one of those blogs.  Another writer who thinks he’s got what it takes and that he’s got the best.  I called my series “epic”…if you’re having doubts because there are hundreds of other writers who call their series’ “epic”, then I’m not going to blame you.  Whether we like it or not, sometimes our ideas and our writings aren’t as good as we think they are.  Hey, that could be the case with me.  Maybe my series isn’t epic, and you’re having doubts.  That’s okay.

All I want you to do is find out for yourself.  This blog is going to be about my series of fantasy/slightly graphic novellas that I’ve been producing quite rapidly.  It will also be about my other projects as a writer, and my thoughts on contemporary issues.  This blog is going to be a lot of “me”.  So if you’re ready to experience me in one of the most profound ways I’m able to express myself (e.g. writing), then stay tuned.  Yes, I’m an aspiring author, hoping that this blog will take me to where I want to be.  It should be an interesting journey.

the image is not mine
the image is not mine

So sit down.  Grab a cup of coffee or tea, if you like that stuff.  If it’s cold, grab a blanket.  If it’s hot, sit in the shade.  This should be an interesting journey.  I’m welcoming you to experience it with me.  Please enjoy the ride.

Your Aspiring Author (AA),

Aul (Dominic)