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Interested In Being A Vendor or Panelist?

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Is anyone interested in a self-promotion opportunity?  If you live near the Philadelphia area, or you’re willing to fly in (we can pay for bus or taxis, but not plane tickets), I’d like to cordially invite you to be a vendor or a panelist at Nova Con.  Nova Con is a convention held at Villanova University for all things anime, comics, authors, voice actors, artists, etc.  Basically, if you specialize in anything nerdy, this is an opportunity for you! 🙂

Last year, Nova Con was pretty well attended!  We had a number of voice actors show up, some comic artists, authors….we’re expecting the turnout to be even bigger this year!

If you’re up for it and you feel like you have something to contribute, please contact me here: aultsom23(at)gmail(dot)com

Always looking out for my fellow writers 😉  Self-published authors are included!