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Oh God, How We Need You!

Have you ever thought about just how much God influences every good action we do?

Have you ever thought about how much we need God to do anything good?

Sure, we need to agree with His grace; we need to choose to cooperate.

But even making that choice to cooperate—God is the One that empowers us to choose to act on His grace.

Not enough credit goes to God; it’s our fault.  Even if we aren’t crediting ourselves, even if we aren’t being prideful, still we allow the Truth to wash over us.

Yet, we must drink the Truth.

We have to remember that we aren’t the ones that are powerful.

We aren’t the ones that are strong.

We aren’t our own stronghold.

As Christians, we’re called to do the extraordinary sometimes.

We’re called to persevere and do things no one thinks possible.  Only things people imagine and daydream about.

It’s like were called to grasp the stars…

…but in reality, without God, we don’t even have the strength to reach…

…let alone to grasp.

Oh God, how we need you!

God bless,