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Forget and Not Slow Down

Recently, Kristen Lamb wrote a post on her blog about how attitude effects everything we do as writers.  If you want to become a world-famous author, you have to leave behind all of your doubts and develop a winning attitude.  A winning attitude means that you’re going to persevere.  A winning attitude will help you climb to the top, and not worry about falling; and even better, it will help you pick yourself back up, no matter how many times you face rejection.

Anyone who is trying to make it big time in the self-publishing industry (like yours truly), needs to have this virtue of perseverance.  I will openly admit, first and foremost, that I do not have this virtue yet.  I’ve given up so many times before; I’ve fostered the idea that no one will ever want to read my books, that becoming popular is too hard.

The truth is, all of your doubts only carry as much truth as you put in to them.

If you’ve been following my blog for a long time, you’ve probably recognized that I go through “phases”.  Sometimes I will seem like an avid blogger, and then other times I won’t even exist.  It’s bad, and it needs to stop.  Consistency is everything in blogging, in writing, and just in life.  And that’s what I need to work on.  I know I’ve said all of this before, but if I don’t say it again, I won’t ever reach that point where I am finally consistent.

Do you also struggle with consistency?   Do you have any plans for remaining consistent with your blog/writing?

Cheers to another phase…only may it be a phase that doesn’t end!