The Story


The Golden Lands, one of the three worlds of Terra, is supposed to be a place of peace, light, and happiness. But the Golden Lands hasn’t exactly been such a place for John Hedekira, a jaded, hot-headed teenager. His parents disappear when he is thirteen, and he’s left to look after his younger sister and brother. Three years later, John decides that he has had it with the distant, self-pitying dispositions of his siblings, and resolves to shut them out of his life for good…or so he thinks.

But then the fabled monsters of the Dark Lands appear out of nowhere.

They are the living incarnations of Evil itself…and they enter John’s home, kidnapping his siblings and leaving him to bleed to death on the floor of his own house.

But John is not undone so easily. Compelled by his own hatred of the warriors that left him to die, and a sense of duty towards his siblings, John sets out on a quest for vengeance. Joining him is Faith Pinck, a caring, innocent girl who doesn’t yet understand the true motives behind John’s desire to track the evil band of warriors. And in the midst of their adventures as they journey to rescue John’s siblings they begin to uncover a deeper, darker plot that threatens to collide the human world with the world of an unholy, supernatural being.

If you took the time to read all that, then thank you!  I really hope you enjoy what you read here at The Golden Lands.  You’re about to partake in an exciting adventure!

Stay awesome,

Dominic (Aul)




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