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Elithius is the fiction series written by Dominic Sceski–a series that combines young adult fantasy themes, anime, and Christian undertones to create everything from an epic tale of monsters and magic to a wholesome story that leaves you feeling more confident in humanity and the individual person.  Learn more about Elithius here.

Dominic Sceski is an author, freelance editor and copywriter, and he offers you his services.  As a means of repaying all the kindness done to him throughout his career, he offers you his keen editor’s eye and his creative thinking for ridiculously small fees.  Learn more about his editorial and copywriter services here.

Keeping up-to-date with all the hottest writing, publishing, and anime topics, Dominic also regularly updates his blog, which can be found here.  Don’t miss out on any of his words of wisdom, which have grown outrageously popular.  (He still doesn’t know how people keep finding his articles!)

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