The Brightest Star

Anime is incredible

Back then, she didn’t know what stars were.  She was just a little girl.  Stars seemed like something far away, something literally out of this world.  They were something different, something that you could look at and just wonder.  Mysterious, and yet so simple, everyone knew of them.  But no one knew what they were.

Now the girl is standing alone before the world.  Bright and clear, the sky does nothing to hide itself.  Like an open chest of jewels poured out into the clear waters of the ocean, the treasures of the universe glow before her.  Some of the gems are big, some are small.  But they all make up a greater whole.  They all have a place in the boundlessness, the seemingly unending deepness of the night sky.

And before the stars, the girl doesn’t feel so alone.  She doesn’t know what stars really are.  But in that moment, she knows who she is.  Stars are beautiful.  Stars are bright.  Stars can be seen by all.  And, even though she’s still just a little girl in comparison to these jewels, she already knows that she is a star too.  And if she’s a star, she’s the greatest one; she’s the brightest one.  Because she’s more beautiful than the stars.  She shines brighter than the stars.  She is worth more than all the stars.

How does she know that she’s a star?  How does she know that she’s worth more than all the eternal, beaming crystals of the night sky?

How can she, a little girl, be seen by all, just like the stars?

She doesn’t know what stars are.  And she knows that she can’t actually be seen by all.  But she knows that she is seen by Someone.  That Someone can always see her.  And that Someone can’t stop looking at her.  Because that Someone knows she’s more beautiful than the stars.  She’s brighter than all the stars.  She doesn’t need to be seen by all, because she’s seen by that Someone.  And she’s worth more than all the stars.

She is worth more than all the stars.  She is worth more than all the treasures of the universe.  She is worth all of that Someone’s blood.

Because the girl knows this, she doesn’t need to know what stars are.   She knows who she is.  She knows that she is loved by that Someone.  She knows what she’s worth.  She knows that she’s that Someone’s star.

And that makes her the brightest.

Saw that picture on and I knew that I had to write something about it.  It’s crazy how something beautiful, but so simple (like a picture), can move us and inspire us to express deep feelings.  That’s what this picture inspired me to think about.

How does it make you feel?

Stay awesome,



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