Book Swag

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So what’s your book like?  What kind of book should you be trying to produce in the digital age of the 21st century?  What’s the content like?  How do you structure your sentences?  How does your book look?

Let’s be honest; in general, we all know what we want.

We want a book that looks cool; we can be proud to be seen reading it.

We want a book that’s fun to read!!!!: don’t kill your reader’s brain by throwing crazy/eccentric words at them (what does “eccentric” mean!?!?), or by writing enormous paragraphs, or by avoiding all things simplicity/clarity (which most great authors would recommend you work towards).

Something structure, wrong with your sentence (haha)?  Pick up a grammar book.  Look at how other popular, professionally published authors write.  “All art is theft”, as my dad says.

But don’t steal.  That’s breaking the 7th commandment…I initially wrote “the 6th”…but it’s okay, I corrected myself.  My dad is talking about learning from others and applying it to your work.

How should your reader feel when he/she picks up your book?  You want your book to look and read like it’s something professional…but not too professional.  Depending on what your genre is, you want your book to have a casual air; make the reader feel right at home when he/she is reading your book.

Just a few examples from yours truly:

Observe the title page, worded in an epic font, followed immediately by a professional and yet friendly greeting from the author (me):

Copyright 2015
Copyright 2015

Well gosh, I wish the resolution was better.   ANYWAY…

Another example: have your own style.  Do something characteristic of you.   Note how I do my protagonist switches:

copyright 2015
copyright 2015

And last but not least…write.  Just write.  You might have heard of “Just do it”.  Well, I’m telling you “Just write”.  Show the world what you’ve got.   And the more you write, the people are bound to read.  The more you write, the more people will want to read.  And the more you write, the better writer you’ll become.  That’s just the way it works.  

I hope this was helpful/inspirational to all you readers!  Tell me if you have any tips about writing or what ways are characteristic of your writing style.

And by the way, I’ve officially published a novella as both a paperback and an eBook.  You can check it out here  for the paperback or here for the eBook.

Thanks for reading!


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